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2020+ Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 HD Leveling Kit Notes & Install

2020+ Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 HD Leveling Kit Notes & Install

So for the last few years the 2020+ trucks are becoming more and more popular & more demand in leveling kits. We decided after getting asked mulitple times a week and seeing posts about them we have come here to break it all down. At the bottom we'll post links to recommended kits and a youtube video of a recent 2024 leveling kit install.

To start off the 20+ trucks have increased ride comfort over the old trucks so thats always a bonus. Not only that they sit higher from the factory than say the 01-19 trucks did. From the factory with no extra packages added the rear end typically sits about 1-1/4" over the front. Older models that number was typically 2-3" so the rake was essentially reduced to minimal. Also Rancho shocks are standard which everyone knows how good those are (sarcasm detected)... 

To simply break it down, a lot of people want to raise the truck while trying to maintain a decent ride comfort and a "leveled" look. This can be more easily obtained on the 20+ trucks ,but you truly get what you pay for in the kit itself and with the shocks. 

Most leveling kits will give you between 1-3" of additional lift height on the front. While I do not recommend going much over 2", at the end of the day its your ride. Also do not forget about the IFS geomtry and how it can be effected in the long run. 

So in the end there different ways to achieve your goal but we'll post whats worked the best and maintained a comfortable ride while using quality parts. 

Important Notes:

*Ideally rule of thumb is you want at least a thumb width of clearance between the upper control arm and the frame jounce. The more clearance here the better for ride geomtry and comfort. 

*Highly recommended to do upper control arms and the proper length of shocks. If the shocks are too short they will bottom out so if you want to go with a factory or a cheaper shock like bilstein they'll need the shock extensions. 

*Like mentioned above if you raise the front say 2" and beforehand the truck was 1" higher in the rear I suggest at least a 1"-1.5" rear block kit to level it out. If you go more towards 2.5-3" then i'd go with a 2" rear block kit. I always like to leave a slight rake especially if towing but it's your decision. 

*If you're running say a Kryptonite or Cognito upper control arm kit and running factory wheels on a 35x12.50 wide tire then you'll need wheel spacers. 2" will clear and the studs won't have to be cut but the 1.5" or 1" would need to have the studs trimmed (factory). 

*What some forget about is if you lift it up 1.5"+ then you may want to consider a front differential drop kit to maintain a better geometry angle of the tie rods and other components. This kit will drop the diff down around 3/4"-1" helping lower the high angles caused by raising the torsion keys. 

*Never increase the torsion keys with the weight of the vehicle on the ground as that can cause damage to the bolt, letting them out isn't as big of deal but always prefer to do it with the weight off. 1 full turn of the bolt is typically 1/4" of up/down movement of the height. 

*Always get an alignment done after messing with keys or steering components. 

*Tire/wheel fitment- This is where it gets a little tricky since theres hundreds of different combos to go through. You can run 37x 12.50 on aftermarket wheels w/ negative offset, but you either need a bumper spacer kit or an aftermarket bumper replacement to clear in the front and thats at a 2.5" raised front. Factory on 37's will clear on a stock 20" wheel. 

Cognito states "Allows for up to a 35 x 12.5-inch tire on a 9-inch wide wheel with 5-Inch backspace"

Again if you run 35" or larger tires especially with negative offsets you may need to trim or make minor modifications to the wheel well. 


Part Recommendations:

Upper Control Arms





Differential Drop Kit 


Rear Block Kit

Suspensionmaxx- 2" -


Wheel Spacers (If needed)

Shifted Industries-

Shocks (Best to Good)



Icon 2.5v- 

Fox 2.5v Resi-

Fox 2.0 Resi-

Fox 2.0-

Bilstein (may require extensions)

Leveling Keys

Honestly keys are almost all the same and most come from the same supplier so whoever has them in stock its fine. brands we've ran are:

-Kryptonite, Cognito, Suspensionmaxx, Maxtrac, Fabtech

Leveling Kit Links 

*Cognito w/ Elka -

*Kryptonite/ Injected Elka Options-

*Kryptonite/ Injected Fox Options-

*Kryptonite Stage3 fox -

*Cognito w/ Kings -


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