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Amp Research Powerstep install: 2022 Ford F-150

Amp Research Powerstep install: 2022 Ford F-150

We had a new 2022 Ford F-150 lariat supercrew EcoBoost roll into the shop wanting some goodies. We through on these amp research power steps as they offer a strong clean look with exceptional durability. *These steps will not yet work on the Powerboost style trim*. Works for 2021-22 Ford F-150 super crew & Supercab models.

They are backed by a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty. But with anything don't forget to perform maintenance on them. This install can be done at home with hand tools, and the average time is 2-4 hours, this style does take a little longer due to tapping 2 additional wires under the dash. We hope this video helps out with your next DIY install!


Common tools/ sizes:

  • Sockets: 10mm, 13mm
  • 5/32 Allen wrench
  • Torch/ cutters/tape Drill



Step# 1 Assemble the motors onto the linkage and tighten down the 5/32 Allen head bolts (make sure the linkage is around halfway down)

Step# 2 Route the wire loom down each side of the engine bay with the longer side going to the driver side (which has the 2 purple wires with it also), take out the fuse, insert the 2 plugs into the controller & connect the positive/ ground to the battery or you can also connect the ground to the 10mm nut on the inside of the passenger side bay. We drilled small holes in the plastic shroud to zip tie and loom out of the way. 

Step# 3 On the driver's side you'll see a rubber plug in the floor so pop it out and feed the two purple wires into the cab. You will take the 2 trim pieces off to access the hole under the carpet, and connect the 2 purple wires using the grey posi taps into the ob2 connector wires (purple and purple with black stripe). After doing this find the black module by the E brake and you can either press the tab and pull it out or simply unplug the black connector (shown in the video). Find the white w/ green stripe wire and using the red posi tap, you tap the wire and connect the ob2 blue harness wire on the other end, repeat it on the green w/ blue stripe wire going to the white ob2 wire (they will be right next to each other on the plug). After that's all working, tape it and zip tie excess up and place the panels back in

Step# 4 Remove the (6) 13mm nuts on each side and remove the factory steps if you have them, next install the motor linkage (fronts) and other linkages on the rear, 1st and last set of studs with new 13mm hardware. The front lower right nut will need to be tightened by hand with a 13mm open socket wrench. 

Step# 5 Once the linkages are secure grab the steps and place the sliders on each linkage lining them up so you can get your Allen head bolts into the steps. You'll want around 11" from the rear end linkage to the end of steps, but you can adjust as needed. 

Step# 6 After the steps are installed and tight, then run your wire loom down each side zip tying the loom out of the way, plugging in the connectors to the motors, and prepping the light wiring for installation.

Step# 7 You can choose to drill the hole in the pinch weld, or you can bend it under the weld whichever you feel more comfortable with. A 19/64" hole or close to it will be enough to insert the rubber grommets inside. Once that's done slide the LED light loom through the hole and connect them using the butt connectors to the wire loom wires. (Make sure you clean the surface underneath before sticking the led lights to the rocker panel). Approx 24" and 66" from the front for placement. 

Step# 8 Once this is finished, make sure the wire loom is in a good spot and secured with zip ties, and double-check all nuts/bolts. Then go back under the hood and replace the fuse. Make sure the steps work on both sides up/down, and all 4 led lights work as well. After the check is done and everything is working properly you're all set! 


Below is a video of the process as well as a link to our site for the product. Thank you!


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